Resources for Your DIY Van Build

We get a lot of questions every week about the building materials, products and equipments we have used in our @pepethevan -self-converted Ford Transit van. Unfortunately, we have no time to answer all these questions!!

However, we know how big a job it is to find all the things you need in your van conversion. It requires a huge amount of research, comparison, purchase and ordering. Getting to know things you haven’t even heard of before! That's why we have listed up all the items we had bought to these four different SHOP OUR ... -product lists - for you!

Get instant access to the products and building materials we have used to self-convert our van AND find out the places of purchase as well. As a bonus the list includes either our van layout floor plan, plumbing diagram or solar diagram!

Learn more at:

Shop Our Van -guide

VAN BUILDING PRODUCTS & MATERIALS - including the following information: Garage, Hallway, Bathroom, Offices, Living area, Bedroom, Kitchen, Exterior & Interior + BONUS: Van layout plan!

Shop Our Plumbing -guide

VAN LIFE WATER SYSTEM - including the following information: Equipments, Tanks, Grey water connectors & Fresh water connectors + BONUS: Van plumbing diagram!

Shop Our Solar -guide

VAN LIFE SOLAR SYSTEM - including the following information: Equipments, Tools, Fuses, Wires & Connectors + BONUS: Van solar diagram!

Shop Our Van Dimensions -listing

VAN DIMENSIONS - including the following dimensions of our van life floor plan: The external dimensions of the self-built pieces, Possible installation heights & The dimensions of the free floor space and corridors + BONUS: Van layout plan!

Are you wondering anything about converting a van?

Now you can ask us anything about the van builds, van life water systems or van life solar systems! Let us help you get even faster on the road - and the adventures you dream of! ✨